When you have a $0 balance in your Venmo account and you make a payment using Venmo, There are actually two separate transactions happening. The first is the money moving from your checking account into your Venmo account, and the second is that money being paid out.

Currently it is being displayed on your transaction history like this:

What this means for your overall reporting is that it appears the money is leaving your accounts twice:

Checking > Venmo = -$134
Venmo > Fitness = -$134

In reality, you want the money to show as leaving your accounts only once.

To resolve this currently, you will want to create a new category called Transfer/Venmo. We are going to reassign all Checking > Venmo transactions to this category. 

1. Create a new category by pressing the "+" next to "Categories"

2. Call the category "Transfer/Venmo"

3. For each transaction that is Checking > Venmo, change the category to "Transfer/Venmo". You can also edit multiple transactions all at once using the Omnibox.

4. You can filter this category out when you are making transaction reports and it won't be included in your totals

Note: This is a known problem having to do with the way Venmo reports transactions. We are currently working on a more automated fix that should be in place soon. If you want to be notified when it is updated, send us a message and we will keep you posted. 

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